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Metal turning

Metal turning is one of the most fundamental and key processes in modern metallurgy and mechanical engineering. The skill, developed over centuries, is now indispensable in many industries, from automotive to aerospace and medical. We will present you various aspects of metal turning, their history, development, modern techniques, materials used in metal turning, and how this knowledge is applied by a company like Retko d.o.o. in their processes.

For the needs of our customers, the company Retko d.o.o. produces various turned and milled parts for the construction industry, mechanical engineering, the food industry, …

Our products are:

  • nuts
  • conjunctions
  • push
  • axis
  • pads
  • valve parts

The products are mostly produced from rod material or from forgings of various qualities (steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum,…).

History of metal turning

The history of metal turning goes back to the distant past, when the first craftsmen began to shape and work metals. Techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, and each new generation has brought improvements and innovations. In the Middle Ages, the first lathes came into use, which enabled more accurate and efficient metal processing. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the development of steam engines, a period of rapid development and improvement in metal turning began.

Modern techniques and technologies

Today’s metal turning is light years away from its humble beginnings. High-tech CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning machines are used, which enable exceptional precision and repeatability. Metal turning on these machines is done with digital control, making it possible to produce complex shapes and dimensions that were once impossible. Retko d.o.o. uses state-of-the-art CNC lathes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in metal turning.

Materials used in metal turning

A variety of materials can be used in metal turning depending on the requirements of the project. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and even precious metals such as gold for special applications are most commonly turned. Each material has its own specific properties, such as strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, which affect the turning process. Understanding these properties is critical to successful metal turning.

Metal turning process

The metal turning process involves removing material from a piece of metal using a cutting tool. The lathe holds the material while the cutting tool rotates and removes layers of material to achieve the desired shape and dimensions. The accuracy and precision of metal turning is crucial, as the success of the entire project often depends on it. In Retko d.o.o. place special emphasis on precision and quality in metal turning, ensuring that the finished products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Impact of metal turning on industry

Metal turning plays a vital role in many industries. In the automotive industry, metal turning is used to produce precision components such as axles, gears and valves. In the aerospace industry, precision in metal turning is even more critical due to the high standards of safety and performance. The medical industry requires metal turning to manufacture precision surgical instruments and implants. Retko d.o.o., with its advanced metal turning techniques, plays an important role in supporting these key industries.

Innovations in metal turning

Innovation is key to progress in metal turning. The development of new materials, such as superalloys and composite materials, presents new challenges and opportunities for metal turning. Digitalization and automation also open up new possibilities for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Retko d.o.o. is actively involved in innovation, thus ensuring that they stay in step with the times and technological trends.

Education and training in metal turning

High-quality metal turning requires not only modern tools, but also qualified specialists. Retko d.o.o. places great emphasis on the education and training of its employees. Regular training and workshops ensure that their team is always up to date with the latest techniques and practices in metal turning.

Safety in metal turning

Safety always comes first when turning metal. Adherence to safety standards and protocols is key to preventing accidents and injuries. Retko d.o.o. strives to provide a safe working environment for both its employees and the environment.

Environmental aspect of metal turning

Environmental responsibility in metal turning is gaining importance. Recycling metal scraps, using environmentally friendly lubricants and coolants, and reducing energy consumption are just some of the steps that companies like Retko d.o.o. take to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

The future of metal turning

The future of metal turning is bright, thanks to continuous technological improvements and the growing demand for high-quality metal products. Companies like Retko d.o.o. are at the forefront of this development, ensuring that our turning services are always one step ahead of the competition and in line with the latest industry standards. Metal turning remains one of the key skills in modern industry, which is constantly developing and adapting to new challenges. With rich experience, constant innovation and commitment to excellence, Retko d.o.o. stands as one of the leaders in metal turning, ready for the future and the challenges it brings.

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